Pulled Pork without the bun? 10 ideas to get rid of the bread…

I’m an occasional fan of pulled meat.  Pulled pork, pulled beef and more pulled pork.  Those links were made over the last 4 years so I don’t have a problem – but I do enjoy pulled pork.

But why must it always be served on a bun?

pulled pork, alternatives to bread

Here are 10 ideas for serving pulled pork – without serving it on a bun:

  1. Tacos
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Polenta
  4. Tortillas (corn or flour)
  5. Added to chili
  6. Added to poached eggs, kimchi and potato cakes
  7. In a wrap with hummus (or beet humus)
  8. Added to a simple salad (like this arugula salad)
  9. Added to lasagna (if you do this, make sure to stop it from falling apart)
  10. Add it to sweet potato fritters

What dishes do you add pulled meat to?

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