How to Make Relish-Sized Chunks

Peggy walked up to me with an outstretched arm and gave me a jar which was wrapped in the warmth of her smile.  I`ll never forget seeing that jar – it looked perfect!

Getting those relish-sized chunks was a mystery to me.  I had tried using a knife – it worked but chopping a single vegetable into 7,543,235 precise slices takes a lot of time and left one arm longer than the other.

Next up was the food processor.  It worked as long as I was willing to chunk single pieces at a time – otherwise I ended up with all sorts of different sizes of things (`this one`s too big, this one`s too small, this one`s…`).

I looked at Peggy and I knew she had the answer I had searched for so long.  I believe I was able to stammer a single word (hardly even phrased as a question but the mere start of one); `How…`

She smiled and declared, `Vitamix.`  It was the first I had heard of one and I ran to google to find out that it was a killer blender-chopper thingee that was a considerable investment and took storage space that we have none of.  Foiled again!

We finally had massive success last week with a different approach when making a black radish relish (we`ll share photos and a recipe tomorrow).

The secret was simple: chunk the product into small pieces and use the grating blade on the food processor (you could also do manually if you didn`t have one).  Drop the pieces into the feeding tube and let them bounce around (I cover the hole with my hand) as they hit the blade.

The end result is perfect relish-sized chunks that are consistent in shape and size with each other – this is one of the most exciting developments in our kitchen in a very long time.  I`m going to have to be careful that I don`t turn everything into relish this year!

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  1. I would be lost without my Vitamix. It is the very best thing. Not to sound like an advertisement, but I use it all the time so it never makes its way to storage. I admit to being something of a gadget girl, but this is one gadget that I cannot do without. We no longer buy any pre-processed juice. My green gazpacho has a texture you just can’t get from a regular blender and definitely not from a food processor. It is worth considering.

    • Shawn, I love it – and love your passion for it.

      One day we will have a kitchen counter bigger than 4 square feet. We have a lovely place – but there is zero storage. One day I will join your love and I will have one…


  2. I have 2 Tupperware QuickChefs and I LOVE them for chopping up things for relish, etc. They are the same idea as a food processor, but manual. It’s great to set a kid at each end of the table with a mixer, a stack of veggies, and a bowl and let them go at it haha. 🙂

  3. Wow what a fantastic discovery. I will have to try that as I am getting ready for pickle relish. Thanks for the tip. I never heard of black radishes, we only have the common red radish seeds and radishes in the stores here in Florida.

  4. Another great post.

    You always have the best ideas! Better than that, you have the best ideas AND then you write them down succinctly for the rest of the world.

    I have seen plenty of jars of relish that look like mush due to the use of a food processor blade. Not only do the colors look muddied, but the flavors don’t stand out either.

    Thanks again. Well done, Well Preserved!

    PS Looking forward to hearing more about those black radishes. ?!

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  6. You’ve never heard (or read) me boast about my Vitamix? 🙂 I use mine almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

    Truthfully though, if I did again I’d go for a Blendtec. From what I’ve heard, the people who invented Blendtec liked Vitamix but decided that they could make it better. It’s shorter and wider, so easier to fish things out and easier to clean, and it’s got digital display and a timer. There are other differences/improvements, but those are the ones that I remember right now. I’ve heard that Blendtec’s commercial feature people blending skis, but I haven’t seen them – though they’re on YouTube. I’ve seen the machines up close. They’re pretty. I told a seller “When my Vitamix dies…” and his reply was that the Vitamix will never die. Yeah, both Vitamix and Blendtec are build to last. (I could sell it and then buy a Blendtec but probably won’t.)

    I didn’t know about the Blendtec before I got my Vitamix (which was a gift). It’s only in the last few months that I’ve heard of them.

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