How to Dehydrate Hot Peppers

I love all things spicy (as evidenced by our series of hot pepper posts and review of 12 different types of them).

Sunday was a day to do some experimental preservation and dehydration – some of it worked our great, others flopped.  Our hot peppers were great, fast and easy.

Once the peppers were cut into rings (we used a mandolin for the most part and switched to a knife at the ends as I wanted the seeds), the process was almost done.

They went into the dehydrator at 140 degrees (Fahrenheit) and were done in 2-3 hours (by which time the sun had set and I couldn’t get a good photo).  I would slightly decrease the temperature (would try around 130) next time and leave for a bit longer.

240 grams of pepper flesh went into the dehydrator – 36 grams came out.  In different context, 16 hot peppers now take less than 1 cup of space in our pantry.  It continues to amaze me how much water is contained within our food.

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  1. I too just finished a process of dehydrating Hot Peppers. I used a variety mixed together. I however de-headed, cut them in half, lengthwise, and left the seeds. My drying time was much longer, about 12 hours in a machine at a lower temperature.

    They turned out great! What was 5 trays of peppers, all stored in a quart jar, after they were dehydrated. I plan to use some of them by crushing them into pepper flakes and can a Thai dipping sauce.

    I really enjoy your posts. I also, continue to learn little “tricks” of the Trade from your works and writings.

    Keep up the Good Work.

    Pryor Jones

  2. I compost, and manage a monster compost project. It always amazes people how little dirt their food scraps produce, one the water’s all cooked out.

  3. Every year I take advantage of the variety of peppers we grow here in CA. We dry them in the oven and make pepper flakes for table use. They are so tasty!

  4. I use a box fan with non fiberglass furnace filters and plastic dehydrator screens. Place the screen on the filter and spread out the peppers. do 2-3 layers and bungee to the fan. leave it go for 2 days and you have the same thing. No need to buy an expensive dehydrator. I’m in about $20