Batch Cookbook- Over 200 Recipes, Tips and Techniques for a Well Preserved Kitchen

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Praise for Batch!

“In the world of preserving, Joel MacCharles and Dana Harrison are the masters, the authority. Batch packs everything you’ll ever need to know about preserving into one cohesive bible. Joel and Dana’s passion project takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of preserving and offers both simple and adventurous, and totally flavor-forward recipes.”
Chef Curtis Stone
 New York Times bestselling author and chef/owner of Maude Restaurant  

“Joel and Dana have offered up to the world an approachable, exciting and manageable way to create a season-less kitchen by preserving the market in a variety of different ways. This book teaches people how to transform the foods they ‘batch’ into delicious meals layered with concentrated flavors.”
Chef Cortney Burns and Chef Nick Balla
Bar Tartine 

“Gorgeous photography, very hip illustrations, and I love the styling. This book is a beauty!”
Erin Gleeson
New York Times bestselling author of The Forest Feast 

“Joel and Dana have created aroadmap for preserving, and present it as an opportunity: raspberries become jam or vinegar or sauce for venison, cabbage transforms into sauerkraut. Encouraging andinstructive, this book should bein every cook’s kitchen.”
Cathy Barrow
Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry

I’m so inspired by Batch!I always felt intimidated by preserving.Batch’s illustrations and instruction are easy to follow, and I love that I can make some recipes in just ten minutes.Most of all, I love how Joel and Dana’srecipes so creatively use everypart of the vegetable!
Jeanine Donofrio
The Love and Lemons Cookbook

“Visually stunning!Batch makes preserving accessible,removes the mystery on howto fill a pantry and celebrates cookingwith local ingredients andthecommunities who bring them to the table.”
Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell
founders of Beekman 1802

About Batch Cookbook

The goal of Batch cookbook is to make preserving accessible for newcomers while sharing recipes, techniques and inspiration with experienced home preservers. The book will share everything you need to know about 7 methods of preserving:


  • Waterbath canning (including jams, jellies, vinegar pickles)
  • Pressure canning (canned vegetables, soups and stocks)
  • Dehydrating (fruit slices and leather, granola, dried mushrooms, and candied citrus rind)
  • Fermenting (Kimchi, sauerkraut, mead, deli pickles)
  • Cellaring (techniques and recipes for quick pickles and jams as well as using your freezer, fridge, windowsill or garage to keep food longer)
  • salt and smoke (bacon, duck prosciutto, preserved lemons, lime pickles)
  • Infusing (flavored vinegar and booze)

Batch allows you to choose the technique(s) that interest you and provide you with all the knowledge you need to get started. We also share 3 different formats of preserving recipes that will change how many people preserve. The 3 formats are:

  • 10 minutes or less – more than 30 preserves you can make in minutes.
  • Batch-It – learn to preserve like we do – by combining techniques it is easy to make multiple preserves in the same time (or less) than you would make a single preserve.
  • Standard Recipes – what you’d expect in a preserving book.

Once you’ve made the preserves you’ll want to know what to do with them. Each chapter has 2 recipes which transform some of the preserves in the chapter into ‘center of the plate’ dishes that are as easy as they are delicious!

Batch Cookbook – a focus on ingredients

The book explores 25 different ingredients and shares 6 preserving recipes for each one before showing you how to transform two of the preserves into plated meals.

You’ll find 25 common ingredients including strawberries, peaches, hot peppers, cucumbers, meat, fish and more. Each chapter will share 6 preserving recipes and 2 ‘center of the plate’ recipes that use the preserves as an ingredients.

Here’s an example of a Batch-It recipe – you are shown how to dehydrate blueberries and encouraged to store some of them whole while using a few of them to infuse maple syrup with. And blueberry maple syrup is divine!

Inspired by the nose-to-tail ethos, Batch explores multiple ways to use a single ingredient. We’ll share why it makes sense to dehydrate strawberry tips while making jam of the tops and why you’d want to dehydrate the hulls – and what to do with them. Learning how to “Batch” preserve like this can reduce your food waste, decrease food costs and help your kitchen be more sustainable.

The center-of-the-plate recipes help transform ingredients from simple condiments into star ingredients that can be made easily in the home kitchen. This recipe uses our blueberry jam as the main ingredient in a sauce that goes with BBQ salmon.


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